President Bush - Term 1

Blank screen.

Ever wonder what the President does in his car, while driving around? Does he act like the "average Joe?"

The screen comes into focus.

Bush drives down the road, looking sporty in his brand new blue Eclipse. A little US flag on the car blows in the wind.

Bush: (Singing)
I'm the President
of the United States.
I got a car, and a nice house.

Yeah, I'm the President
of the United States.

In the backseat, Bush's presidential bodyguards give each other worried glances.

Bush: (Cont. singing)
I'll kick butt
in the political race

Bush takes a breathe.

I'm the Pre-si-dent
of the U-ni-ted Staaaates!

Bush turns around, while still driving (shame on him) and looks at his bodyguards.

Hey, guys? Why don't you sing along with me?

The bodyguards shake their heads.

No, thank you, sir.

Sing with me. Now!

He turns around.

Bodyguards: (singing hesitantly)
He's the President...
of the United States...

So what does the average President do while he's driving? Something like the above?

We may never know...

The screen turns blank.