Untitled 4

As I listened to your story,

I began to get angry.

It was so painful that I wanted

To just scream because the mood

Was so melancholy.

You told me the story of your life and I just

Wanted to breakdown and cry with tears

In my eyes because I didn't know how a person

So graceful could go through such a thing.

As I let you continue to tell your story, I began to get

More angry because of the fact that I should've been

There to prove every fact about the truth.

I could've pointed out everything that was obvious and

Explain everything like an attorney in a court room trying to

Prove to a jury that you were innocent and not guilty.

You soon went deeper and my head began to start spinning as

I had began to get a headache from becoming aggravated from

What I had began to see flash across the screen of my pc.

Before I could yell louder than a coyote howling at night in a desert,

I stopped myself and decided to try to forget about it and make you stop

Talking before I found myself doing something that would put me in the worst

Predicament ever, leaving a problem unsolved.

Now, to you I say stay strong and never let go of your strong free will because the deal

Is that if you let go, they'll let go.

Even if that was the case, I'd still be there; but, it'll be too late and there would be nothing

I could to stop what would happen even if I wanted to because I have no power over an adult's

Last say so.

These are my last words in thought and please don't take this straight to heart and be hurt because

I got overworked and decided to let all my thoughts go.

I'm troubled until the day this is solved and I will never ever let this go.