A Part Of My Life - On The Job

I passed my drug test and got the job. I have my dream job now.
The first few times at work were kinda hard. I have to help clean
the icky bathrooms, walk the store and look for trash and stuff,
and sack groceries.

The first lady whose basket I pushed around was crabby and
snarled at me. I growled and snarled right back. It was the start
of a beautiful friendship. She came to the store almost everyday
and somehow I always had to push her basket. Soon we were on
a first name basis.

"Hurry up, girl," the old bat Mage tells me while I load her
groceries. Why the heck did the woman have so many!? I give her
dirty looks and she gives her own right back.

I have noticed some things about her. Her hands shake. Not a lot,
but they do shake visibly. My hands even shake a bit too. No idea

I'm glad I haven't let the basket accidentally hit her car. She would
chew me out and probably get me fired. I would definitely cry. I
don't take yelling and other people's anger well at all.

I shut Mage's car trunk and tell her to have a nice day. She huffs
andslams her door. While I push the basket back into the store, I
hear her breaks squeak. Her car chirps like a cricket as she speeds

Mom expects me to save the money I earn and buy a car. There's
no way on Earth that I'm buying a squeaking cricket car. Not ever!

A cashier waves me over to push a basket for a woman with four
kids digging in the sacks for their candy. Stupid cashier. Always
give the candy to the customer, especially if they're with kids.

One of the kids follow me as I push the basket. He just stares at
me as if amazed. I'm creeped out now. He reminds me of the
snobby kids on my street. I hate the kids on my street.

During my break, I sit around eating chips from the vending
machine in the break room. I guess my job isn't all that bad. I get
to meet new and unusual people. Oh, and guys. Lots of cute guys.

My boss lady Debby commented on my attentiveness the other day.
I guess she thinks that I'm more alert than the other courtesy clerks.
I think that I am more alert all the time now—at work and at home.

5:28. My break is over. Stupid short break. My patience obviously
still needs a little work. All in time. I just got to have a little itty
bitty bit of patience.

I can do that.



I hope you all enjoyed that. It was based off my new thrilling experience of getting a job. (Actually
I haven't gotten the job. But I will.) Feel free to criticize my story. "The chapters are too short."
"There's not enough description." "The grammar confused me." Stuff like that.

Thanks for reading!