I Make No Sound:

I make no sound.
Why not?
'Cause I just don't know why.
It's not a disease.
I didn't catch it from someone, and you can't catch it from me.
I just have a little problem talking in front of people.
My friends and family try to help me talk in front of them.
I try and try but nothing seems to work.
Here I am standing still, unable to open up.
My family is the only one I can open up to,
But not to my teachers and friends.
Why? You ask. I don't know why.
Some days I just want to tell them how I feel inside,
However, I can't 'cause I make no sound.
But even though I make no sound,
My family, friends even my teachers will always be there for me,
Until they hear me make a sound.
And when I do make a sound,
I want to thank them for all their support they done for me.
And I know I that someday, somewhere I will.
Hey, it might even be tomorrow or the next day.
You'll have to wait and see.
Until then, I make no sound!
I make no sound.

It Just Takes Some Time: (to make a sound):

It all started when I got a pen pal, who lived a couple miles from me.
Her mom worked with my mom.
For about five months or better, we wrote letters back and forth to each
The letters were funny and exciting to read.
We even wrote stories together.
We both like the show, Lizzie McGuire.
We both like dogs and cats.
We both like the singer, Hilary Duff.
We both like to read and write.
We both like to play basketball.
We both like to act in home movies.
And so on and so on.
We both almost like the same stuff.
We could be sisters.
I could be her older sister and she could be my younger sister.
Her birthday is on August 16 and mine is on July 16.
In one letter, she told me her phone number, so I called her.
I was nervous.
My heart is pounding wildly.
I barely said anything.
But she did said a lot.
But when I kept calling and talking to her, I wasn't so nervous.
She asked me if I wanted to come over to her sleepover on New Years Day
I said "yeah!".
When I got to her house, I met her parents.
Then for the rest of the night, we stayed up and had the greatest sleepover
She is my first best friend that I made.
Five more months passed and I had made two more friends.
It all started at school. I gave them my phone number.
Then on spring break one called me.
And I talked to them.
They could not believe it I talked to them.
They told their other friends.
Now, her friends called me and talked to me.
I thought, "am I getting popular or what?"
Then in the month of May, someone from school called to talk to me.
I was getting comfortable talking to people now. I wasn't scared a lot, but
a little.
I thought, "I don't care of getting popular-----
I only care that I have friends to stay till the end."
It just takes some time to make a sound.
It just takes some time and everything will be all right (all right).