Ice at the End

I stand here, in the darkness of night,
The cold light of the moon showers down upon me.
I feel like ice...
Cold skin, cold heart, nothing to live for anymore.
I'm just lost.
Icy hands encircle my ankles, pulling me, down, down, down.
Can't breathe, can't sleep, can't live.
The words said to me play over & over in my head...
....I never got to tell him....
The brisk night air burns my throat, freezes my lungs,
I listen to the quiet.
Utter silence, it's deafening.
I just wish it would stop.
No one goes, no one leaves.
Time doesn't tick,
It doesn't come.
At times like this I think,
What's worth living for?
Why are we here?
Long unanswered questions,
Along with many others.
It all just dies away in the end.
He did.
You will.
I will.
So, here I stand, in the stillness, the frozen Autumn night.
The wind rushes by.
He wants to talk to you.