Stage Girl
She sits on the chair.
Awaiting her big momnt.
To her left, flowers from loved ones.
To her right, the curtain.
The only thing separating her from the outside world.
Her hair flows to her waist in a plait.
Makeup disguising her true self.
She fingers the barrette in her hair.
She knows what she must do now.
It's almost time.
She feels a rush of emotions.
Her heart beats faster,
Her blood coursing through her eins.
Her hands shaking,
Her shoulders tense.
And she stands up.

She stares at the red curtain with longing.
She longs to push that curtain aside,
And show herself to the world.
Not the Stage Girl.
But herself.
And she knows now is the time to do it.
She pulls out the plait from her hair.
She washes the makeup from her eyes.
She stands in front of the entrance,
Waiting for her time.
To how her true self to the world.
And as the barrier gives way to her,
She feels a new sense of confidence.
And as she draws a deep breath,
And closes her eyes,
She strides onto the stage.
The blinding lights in her eyes,
And the music pounds in her ears.
She feels the heat of the crowd.
Warmth in the palm of her hands,
And a smile creep upon her lips.
She grabs the microphone.
The music blares onto the stage.
The lights reflects her feelings.
As she raises the microphone to her lips,
And frees her soul as a stage girl.