The darkness sets.
And sends its cooling rhythm over sunburned day.

With this dark I travel,
The diamond-studded air,
Casting shadows to the ground.
Diana's Carriage riding valiantly across my skies.

I am the night,
Deceptively calm and sedate.

I am comfort to the girl who looks upon me.
On a balmy summers night.
Firelight flickering off her face.
A heavy arm, draped protectively round her waist.
Holding her like a china doll.

They lie serenely on he field.
The scene is dreamily fogged, surreal.
He keeps her close,
Afraid the moment may slip away.
But still with tender delicacy,
Fragility unknown to the world of man.
She us is his world,
This is her world.

A drop of rain falls,
From my tranquil dark.
Bubbling on the fire's light.
Shot of lightning 'cross my night.
My house of clouds opens,
To flood their world.
The fire nearby sizzles black.

By the dozens, people flee.
Feet kicking up a muddy sea.
Of panic, frantic.
Oblivious, ignoring,
The awesome sight that lies around.

At last the trampled field is empty.
Less for two remaining souls.
I protect the two who gaze upon me,
That stare to my heavens in awe.
That such a vision is theirs alone.

They capture it with their hearts and their eyes.
Before they rise and begin the trek towards civilizarion,
A lone witness, my shadow of night.