Where you see the best
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: I'm back. I was out of town for the week, and now I'm back doing what I
love. This was just a poem that I wrote just because. So let me know how
you guys/ gals like this one. Enjoy the poem. TTFN.

Where you see the best
I only see the worst
Were you see the blessings
I only see the curse

Where you see the honesty
I only see the lies
While you see the happiness
All I can do is cry

While you see the love
I only see the hate
While you are always patient
I always hate to wait

While you see the positive
Negativity rules my heart
Why are you still in love with me
When I'm you tearing you apart

You deserve better than me
I'm just bringing you down
Why do you want to stay with me
Why do you stay around

Maybe I can learn to be positive
If you'll just stay with me
Help me see the bigger picture
Only you can set me free

Where you see a loyal friend
I see the same in you
You've always been there for me
And I'll be there for you too