Glitter Boy

A diamond dog of the highest order
The one that snuck me across the Mexican border
For my birthday bought me a lap dance in a bar
And a Porsche after I said it was my favorite car
Taught me the tricks of eye makeup
How to fuck upside down
Cried into the Pacific Ocean on our road trip in July
Went back to the car to sketch out how you planned to die

I was the only one that saw the razor marks on your thighs
The one that wrote your list of excuses and lies
Saw your first boyfriend throw you down the stairs
After your parents abandoned you, I was the only one to tell you someone cared
Was raped next to you, bent over in a bathroom stall
We held hands while the men took turns
To commemorate it, we mauled our skin with cigarette burns
I did cocaine with you, two lines laid out on top of a hamper
Made "Everlasting Gobstoppers"
The only way we knew how to feel pampered
Ran away from home together, walked nine miles straight in pouring rain
You smiled and laughed at our whore's uniform
"This is what happens when you refuse to conform"
You gave me my first real kiss inside the Atlantic Ocean
Propped up on a pile of boulders
Two tongues, four lips, two aching hearts
Two people fashioned out of Barbie doll parts

When you wish upon the stars
Makes no difference who you are
Pollux and Castor
Partners in pain
Both one and the same

I am you.
Why weren't you ever me?