I swear im dreaming
here in this dark room
Thinking of your beautiful face
perfectly content with just being around you
your sould is all I think about
Your being next to mine is all I want
Wont you lay next to me
Wont you love me
As I love you

Im dreaming of you again
Im thinking of your eyes once more
I've caught myself staring
In the blank abyss of nothing
I need you next to me
I need your love for me

If all I can have is a dream
of you with me
Let me never dream again
because I need so much more
A simple dream isn't enough
My love for you is too much

Why did I make the mistake
Of waiting to be with you
Why have I let you go
For so long without me
I needed you in the beginning
All of this started so long ago
or so it feels like it
I could spend my life with you
Would you be able to

I lay here again It feels
as though im dreaming again
Loving you is like nothing
A beautiful Imagery woven in my heart
A artistic tapestry of an Artist
I still have nothing to give you
except these words I've written
Your a dream among dreams

Silent is your voice
as I hear your smile
its so magnificent
among a thousand words
The most beautiful poem
could never explain
my love for you
the brightest star
could never be as eternal
as my love for you

I lay here awake
Afraid of my dreams
there always of a person
I'd much rather have
but if all I can have
is a simple dream of you
It would never be enough
my love burns like wildfire
each second growing
I want to be there for you
again and again and forever

I never deserved you
Your too beautiful for me
but who you chose is a frog
Among princes of valor
I could never amount to your soul
I want to hold you in my arms
Maybe I could protect you
From your pain and sorrow

Those three simple words
seem so much but with you
I could always say it
would you be able to love me
would I be able to protect you
If so would it be forever
I need you forever I'd Love you always
Your my Angel sent for me
It must be a dream