How do you do, Gentleman Death?

How many lives have you taken today?

Did many manage to draw their final breath

Before you sent them off on their way?


Why don't you come over to my place

And raise your hood just a bit

That way I can gaze upon your face?

I just hope I won't throw a fit.


Gentleman Death, you leave your host

Or hostess a corpse; that's a lot to boast

About, verily; we never meet a second time

For the first time we meet is the last time.


So how do you do, Gentleman Death?

You will never draw your last breath

Because you, my gentleman, can't die;

You never tire of life – this is no lie.


Gentleman Death, life is a little fly:

Truly, you are the Lord of the Flies.

So, my charmer, how do you do?