Following in your furrows~~~To give so much meaning~~~My praises reflect merely

I see green truths sprout~~~wrapped in so few words~~~the shadows of your ideas

gathering gems of insight~~~every image well-chosen~~~momentarily waxing on the

I step inside your former~~~a present so useful,you~~~~dumb wall of Plato's cave

hollow pain to find every~~~~hit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~they

waste land watered washed~~and~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~only

each ray of recognition a~~~~you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~show

~~~~~~tear ~~~~~~~~~~~cut~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~your

~~~~~~shed~~~~~~~~~~~through pretences,flood~~~impact,they cannot convey

~~~~~~upon~~~~~~~~~~~the dams of delusion,of~~~all your fresh angles,how

~~~~~~arid~~~~~~~~~~~dying a life and living~~~~~each aphorism says try me

~~~~~~land~~~~~~~~~~~a death of utter unreal~~~~and you'll find I'm right




~~~~~~your ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~you~~~~~will

~~~~~~seed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~bid~~~~~live

~~~~~~live~~~~~~~~~~~us seek,for not only do~~~~~indeed you are a catalyst

~~~~~~your ~~~~~~~~~~you point us to answers~~~~fusing,transforming, your

~~~~~~life~~~~~~~~~~~but you rouse awareness~~~mosaic merging to help us

~~~~~~real~~~~~~~~~~~in us for the questions~~~~to see just what you mean


A/N: With a different font and formatting from the one FP uses, the form of this poem exactly represents the letters TSE. Also, FP does not allow extra spaces, so the original version doesn't have the ~s.