Scarlett groaned, opening her eyes, her head throbbing, her arms numb, and her clothes were drenched.

"…What the hell happened?" she mumbled, sitting up, wincing, and tenderly putting a hand to the slightly bloody lump on her head, "…Where am I?"

She scowled as her vision began to clear, she glared at the gray stone walls, and the barred doors, "…How did I get in prison?" she muttered, standing up, and walking towards the bar, tripping over a soft object, and landing back on the hard ground, "What the-" she stopped when she saw the 'soft object' was a knocked out Yugi.

"Yugi?" Scarlett frowned, and crawled over to the elf, lightly shaking her, "Wake up Yugi… Wake up!"

It took several long moments before the blonde elf began to stir, "…Mmmmm?" she groggily opened her blue eyes, "…Scarlett?"

"Yes. Now wake up Yugi… Something is up, do you remember how we got here?"

Yugi sat up, and stretched, looking around the cell, her eyes widened, "Scarlett, we have to get out of here!"

"What? Where are we?"

"We have to get out!" Yugi scrambled to her feet, and began almost frantically clawing at the stone walls.

"Yugi! What are you doing!?"

"I…I have to get out!!" Yugi continued her clawing, her hands beginning to bleed.

"Dammit Yugi!" Scarlett growled, and grabbed the elf, and pulled her from the wall, "Stop it! Tell me what's going on."

"We have to get out Scarlett!"

"Why? Where are we? Tell me Yugi."

Yugi whimpered, and shut her eyes, then pulled away from Scarlett and began clawing at the walls again, "…I….out…..get…."

"Yugi! Snap out of it!" Scarlett pulled her from the wall again.

"No! Let go of me!!" Yugi struggled wildly as Scarlett held tight, "Let me go!!!"

"Yugi, snap the hell out of it!"

Yugi screamed, and lashed out at Scarlett, and then stopped, staring with wide eyes at Scarlett, blood trickling from her nose.

"Damn Yugi….I think you broke my nose." Scarlett groaned, releasing the elf, and wiping the blood away, "You've got a mean punch."

"I'm so sorry!" Yugi fussed over the small wound, "I…I didn't mean to…I just… I'm so sorry! Are you alright!?"

"I'm fine." She swatted Yugi's hands away, "Now, where are we?"

Yugi took a deep breath, "We're in Jennen's prison."


"Jennen." Yugi said, glancing around nervously, "He's a demon… Like one of the most powerful…" she gulped.

"…Why are we here?"



"Well, I-"

"You, human!" a gruff voice cut into the conversation.

Scarlett heard the clicking of the cell opening, and went to jump the guard, only to find herself in a painful headlock the next moment, "Let…me…go!!!" she growled, kicking wildly.

"Elf, Jennen get you later." The man with Scarlett in arm grumbled, before walking off, dragging Scarlett along.

"Scarlett!" Yugi yelled trying to reach for her friend, but groping only air. Tears filled her eyes as she slumped to the ground, beginning to cry, "…I…I don't want….let me out… I have to get out!!" she screamed, standing and beginning to frantically claw at the walls again.

"What's the matter little elfie?"

Yugi paused, and glanced towards the voice, her eyes widening and a whimper forming in her throat as she gazed at a large group of demon soldiers.

"You lonely little elfie?" one of them grinned beginning to unlock the cell door, "We'll keep you company."

"N….No….leave me alone!" Yugi whimpered, scooting back as they began to enter the cell.

One grabbed her arm, pinning it behind her back, "Don't worry little elfie… It won't hurt…us."

Yugi began to cry and shut her eyes tightly as she felt the guards pull closer, '….p…please….I don't…..' she thought, whimpered lightly, "No….please….."

Yugi began to slip into her own darkness, locking herself away in her mind when a scream of pain brought her back to the world in a flash.

She kept her eyes shut, hearing the screaming all around her, and then a splash of warm liquid hit her face. She shut her eyes tighter as the screaming continued, and only after several moments of silence did she chance opening her eyes.

Instantly she fell to her knees, vomiting violently. Surrounding her were the bodies of all the demons, brutally murdered, throats slashed, hearts ripped out, heads cut off, and blood was everywhere, including all over Yugi.

She stumbled to her feet, and dashed from the cell, pressing a hand against the wall, and trying to catch her breath. She blinked, and looked up as she spotted the blood, stumbling back again, she stared at the bloody scrawling on the wall, and then fled, the words written in blood on the stone, flashing through her mind.

'Run, run, run as fast as you can...

You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man...'