Veiled mists

I seek I know not what or why,
It makes me scan the silent sky
And roam beside the raging sea,
Through lonely woods, o'er heath and lea.

Oh do not ask me what it is,
I cannot know or tell myself;
Like crows in autumn, wind in leaves,
Or winged whispering of an elf.
It touched like rays of moonlight dim,
It looked like wind and smelt like sun,
And struck me sadly as the end
Of something that has just begun.

It called me to a distant land
Of whispering trees beyond the sea,
And so I followed far away,
And there I searched for hint and key.
But when I came the trees were dead,
And wailing over heath and lea
Thief Time forever lightly fled
And silenced things no more to be.

A wind is playing through my soul
Like sunlight fingers on the strings
Of Ariel's harp, an incense flame
Burned under water, a bell that rings
Without its tongue, the shadow of
A lover's cry which softly drips
From full moon, passion's witness once,
Dissolving on the starving lips.

And still I seek, and slowly dawns
The thought that might at last be true:
My heart was meant to seek until
I rend the veil and turn to You.