The Heart of Man

Your table is laden with wealth, they say,
And I see you in costly clothes every day –
What then makes you sadly sigh
When you watch the floating boats go by?
Why then do you roam around
Running for the pull and toss,
Your footsteps trembling with the loss
Of something that you've never found?

If you asked my glowing eyes
When they watch the bright sunrise
They would say "My Lover's face
Outstrips the sun in light and grace."

Your love is tender, faithful, true –
Why do you flee his kind embrace
Or your own self, why do you hide
When unknown yearning clouds your face?
When your mind is mustering all those years,
What chokes your throat with swallowed tears?
Oh don't you wonder what makes you cry
When you watch the wandering wild-geese fly?

If you asked my waiting heart
Clutching close the softening dart,
It would say "A searing flame
Has marked me with my Lover's name."

If you heard the pearls of tears
Whispering from my oyster eyes,
If you saw the rainbow songs
Growing in my watered skies,
They would say "No thing we see
Can satisfy, no creature can;
For the seeking heart of man
Was made to hold infinity."