A yearning to be young
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: I wrote this after reminiscing about my past. It's about my desire to
be young again. I hate being old. Feh...I'm ancient. Anyways I hope that
you like this poem. I just hope that it makes sense. Enjoy. R&R.

The days seems to pass so quickly now
The years are catching up with me
I'm yearning to be young again
To be wild, crazy, and free

But alas fate is not that kind
As the dawn brings another day
Tension mounts as I grow old
Acrimony sets in my heart today

Oh how I wish I were young again
Like when I was in school
As the mascot shouts out " go redskins"
I'd dance around like a fool

Better yet how about the time
When I played with all my dolls
When my dolls didn't have any clothes
I'd dress them up in foil

It's a funny thing to yearn for youth
It's better than getting old
Life has a way of passing you by
Lest the truth be told