Everything is Unknown
It's just that Unknown is found by some
My love for you was kept secret for so long
I kept it from you because I was scared
People say it's easy to say how you feel
Not for me, Never in a million years
I keep it Uknown in my secret captivity
Im shattered by your love
It's Uknown why I did those things
And all I can say is Im sorry
but it's not enough
It's Uknown to me what is enough
I can never go a day without thinking
Of what I did or your face
All I want is for this love to last forever
I would give up everything for you
Its Unknown what the cost is for your love
Maybe nothing but I can't keep hurting...
You, me, anyone else in this world
It's Uknown to me why Im here
But I know I'll be here for awhile