The Adulteress

Why is this room so cold,
it was so hot just a minute ago.
I'm shivering, but who
will give me a cover?
See the icicles creeping down my mirror.
Ice-ferns on my window!
Quick - they must be wiped off
Lest anybody read them.
I'd never have thought my hardened heart
could make this room so cold.

I'd try to find an excuse -
if his promise, my pledge, our love had not been so strong.
I'd say I couldn't refuse -
if we had not been already a pair for so long.
How could I stray
as if he never had wooed me with lilies in his hand?
How turn away
as if I never had traced his footprints in the sand?

Well I remember
the fiery red roses he gave me
I never ever deserved in my life -
What could I hope for now but his thorns?
I should have listened
to the warning voices
hovering around my paralyzed brain:
they were his bees, a promise of honey -
now they have left me their stings.
I have to see him – even if he kills me!

"I have sinned. Please forgive me."

– Can I really trust my ears and eyes?
I never thought this would suffice! –

His thorns are red, but the blood is not mine –
What can I do but lie down and cry ?
I told him all – he looked at me –
I wept – and he stretched out his hand –
a lily – I don't understand –
but here I am – forgiven, free!
His thorns are wet, but the blood is his own –
what could I be but his alone?

December 1994