Your Song, Teresa

Beech-leaves in the autumn sun
Coloured copper one by one
Their beauty called me by my name
I said, just like a candle flame
This is the hue I want my heart to be
This is the glare I want my soul to see

How my slowly ripening heart
Is crying for the fiery dawning dart
Bernini's Teresa has caught my gaze
My soul is shivering
Quivering, hovering round her face

A thorn-bush, wetted wood
Water turned into red lava wine
A vessel, a scabbard
Translucent enough for the Light-sword to shine
Pierce and refine
An empty page for the Word to fill every line

This is the song
These are the sparks flying out from my violin soul
This is my life the tune of the glowing coal
I know not myself except that I know I am
Brushed by the Fire my only desire is

October 1994