I'm just a girl

S: what happens to tough guy Luke when he wakes up one morning as a girl?

Authors notes: every chapter that has been revised will now come with a title.


ACT 1~ Man of the hour

I strutted down the hallway of Georgina Heights Secondary as if I were the man of the hour. Actually, I was the man of the hour. I was a senior now and no one and nothing could stand in my way.

I was a shoe in to be captain of the Lacrosse team, and this year would be the year that I would ask out Sara Lyn, the hottest girl in school. She only dated seniors, even in eighth grade. I had been prepping for the day I'd ask her out since tenth grade. I would casually ask her for pens and stuff so she would notice me. This was my year to reign.

As I strutted down the hallway I bumped into the girl who would change my life forever. But at the time I didn't know it. No it wasn't Sara Lyn it was the witch girl. Everybody knew that she was a witch. "Witch girl get out of my way!" I grumbled.

"I don't do witchcraft its Wicca." She replied still not moving out of my way. She stared at me with her messy make up and her beady eyes.

I gave her a good once over "how long did it take to make yourself look so ugly?" I asked

"You never tell a girl she's ugly." She said to me.

"You know what, your right." I said sarcastically helping her up. "Your not a girl you're a gorgon."

"Excuse me?" she questioned.

"For a gorgon your not that smart. A gorgon is a monster."

"I am not a monster!" she said irritated.

"Fine then we're back to you being a witch. Not just any witch, the wicked witch of the ugly." I could see the tears forming in her eyes but I didn't care. Why should I? I was at the top of my game and a snotty nosed little brat isn't going to stop me from staying at the top. I guess I should feel some remorse . . . but in honesty I don't.

I saw Sara coming towards me. And I shoved the witchling away. "Sara what's up, baby?" I said casually. Sara looking as hot as ever came up to me. She was wearing a frilly skirt today. I could feel the witch child's glare from behind me but I ignored her.

"Hey Luke what's up." Sara asked me as we walked away close together and away from the annoying little . . .

"Nothing much, baby." I said giving my signature smirk.

"Is everyone 'baby' to you? I've noticed you doing it a lot." Sara said to me with her smile curling up nicely.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go and kick it up at the new club with me tonight, baby?" I was being so suave with her, she couldn't resist.

"I'm sorry but I'm still going out with Kip. Thanks for asking though." And with that she just sauntered away with a cute smile and with grace.

She rejected me. What's worse is that she rejected me for a guy named Kip. KIP! What kind of parents name their child Kip?

I sighed and tried to strut my way around school but it just wouldn't work. I was the new Lacrosse captain but it didn't matter. I was rejected by her.

I went straight home after school instead of celebrating my success with the other Lacrosse team players. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.


"Natalie, Wake up your going to be late!" I heard my mothers voice call. Who was Natalie? I sank into my covers comfortably laughing to myself about how Natalie had to get up and go to school. Wait a minute, so did I!

I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom hoping Natalie wasn't hogging the shower. I realized that I had no time for a shower so I went and started brushing my teeth. I spat the suds in my mouth into the sink then looked into the mirror.

There was something wrong with my face. My chin fuzz was gone. All of it. Even my little moustache! And my hair it was long and dark. I touched my hair to feel if it was real. It was then that I realized. I was looking into the eyes of a girl. But I wasn't a girl I was a boy. At least last time I checked I was. I ran into my bedroom to see that it was different. There were teddy bears everywhere and all my posters were gone.

Scared that I might have lost my manliness I looked under my bed for my copy of Playboy. Which was missing! I looked on my door and it said NATALIE in baby blue letters with flowers around it.

"Oh no" I said in a voice that wasn't any deeper than a twelve year old boys. Scared I looked in my pyjama pants. Nothing was there. "OH MY GOD!!" I screamed.

My mother ran into my room. "What's wrong?" she asked,

"I'm a girl!" I cried.