Chloe walked down the bicycle path of the local park. It was well after dark, and she'd been coming home from her friend Gina's house. Chloe had walked home with Gina after school and stayed over until 8:45 PM, when Chloe's mom had called to tell her to come home. After all, it was a school night, and she still had to finish her American History report on the Civil War.

Chloe rubbed her eyes; she hadn't noticed how tired she was until she had gotten almost halfway home. She cursed under her breath when her contact fell out and onto the sidewalk. She bent down to get it, completely unaware that this was the worst possible night to be outside at night, with a full moon hanging high above her head, but she was practically blind with her contacts or glasses.

Nearby, hidden in the trees that lay behind the merry-go-round, an animal that looked like a wolf, but not quite the right size of one, stopped abruptly. It raised its muzzle to the air and sniffed, smelling human flesh. The animal stepped carefully toward the scent, sensing that this human would be easy prey. Its yellow eyes scanned the area and found the prey approximately twenty feet from its hiding spot.

The girl straightened suddenly as she heard a twig snapping somewhere near the swings and merry-go-round. Her heart started beating hard, pounding against her ribcage. She told herself to stop being silly, it was probably a cat or a stray dog, but her heart refused to slow down. That was probably because she had just seen a scary movie with Gina, about a serial killer who hunted down girls at night when they were alone, then hacked them to bits.

Chloe, shuddering from both the movie and the frosty night air, pressed on without her contact. It shouldn't be much further to her house, and she still had one contact to see with. She hugged her jacket tighter around her and adjusted the books in her arms. When she had been a little girl, Chloe had feared the dark more than anything, but since she'd grown older-she was fifteen now---she realized that she had nothing to fear. And besides, this being Brooklyn, it wasn't completely dark anyway. The moon above her cast its white rays down upon her.

The animal that was lurking in the shadows took that as a sign and pursued the girl. He was careful where his paws treaded, however, since his prey had heard the twig that he'd snapped. The girl picked up her pace, feeling slightly paranoid. He could smell the fear coming from her body. The smell was intoxicating. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard a voice telling him that this was wrong, he wasn't supposed to hunt the skin- people, but he shoved the thought away roughly.

From the tree above the beast an owl hooted and the girl jumped, then scolded herself for being so scared. What was the matter with her? She'd walked this path a million times during the sunlight, and walking it under moonlight wasn't new to her, either. What a wimp she was being! Still, the little hairs on her neck were sticking straight up, and she had a feeling that it wasn't just from the cold. She quickened her pace, and the animal did so as well, easily keeping up with her.

Before he could stop it, the animal was omitting a low snarl coming from deep within his throat. The girl stopped dead in her tracks and turned slowly around in panic. That wasn't the sound a wild dog made, as far as she knew. Chloe gulped and looked around the park but she couldn't see anything. Wait, there, through the trees she could just barely make out a pair of eyes that were glowing yellowish red. She slowly backed up against a tree and gulped again. Those demonic eyes were staring right at her, but she was too afraid to move anywhere.

As Chloe watching, petrified, a large animal came out from the trees. It looked kind of like a wolf, but its size was too big to be that of a wolf's. The muzzle was too long, too, and it was drooling. It walked toward her with a purpose, opening a mouth full of glittering, sharp, white teeth. She closed her eyes momentarily, but then her brain finally started to kick into working again. It was telling her to run.

And run she did. Her feet pounded against the sidewalk of the bike path, but because she had run, she had become his victim. He chased after her, howling at the moon just before he pounced onto her back. She stumbled and fell, scraping the skin off her knees and her elbows. They rolled on the ground until Chloe was on her back with the animal standing on her chest. She tried to cry out, but as soon as she saw the beast, all cries were strangled in her throat.

In a feeble attempt to stay alive, the girl pushed up with her hands against him with all her strength. One nip from his teeth would stop that, he thought, and sunk his teeth into her side.

Her scream pierced the night.