(AN: I'm not sure if this poem even makes sense. It didn't come out at all
as I wanted it to.grr.I had wanted to mention about how it wasn't the fact
I'd been dumped by the guy.coz the guy didn't matter to me. It was because
I'd been beating (not literally) myself up about fucking up an earlier
relationship with the perfect guy and that I wanted to assure myself that I
wasn't a difficult person to be with. But instead I ended up just talking
about the earlier relationship and how it's normally me and not the guy
who's fucking things up. Make sense? No? Ah well.I tried.)

It's Not You, It's Me.

His words ring in my ears,
Echoes of what I lost,
They haunt me.
Will I ever forget?
Will I ever forgive myself,
For ruining the best thing in my life?

Now all I want to do is prove,
That I can be good,
That you can be proud of me,
That I can make us last.
But you and I,
We'll never be
Not again (Thanks to me.)

I wish, I long, I cry,
For your warm arms,
To wrap around me,
But they never come.
I'm left alone.
Deprived of my
Security blanket.

All of the 'ifs' and 'buts'
Of what could have been.
Are like a stab in the heart.
And everything reminds me that
It's not you.
It's me.