Chapter Two

                With her long, straight red hair in a tight bun at the top of her head, hidden under a black beret, Quinn Doberson ran out the door of her home and right into the limo parked in front. Roger, her eccentric butler and driver, was already waiting inside and chuckling to himself about her choice of dress. Wearing a black turtleneck and leather black pants, she was quite a sight.

                "Now, explain to me again…" Roger laughed, "-why you're wearing a turtleneck in this incredible heat?" He asked. He didn't bother questioning her choice of colors, considering he knew exactly what she was up to. Quinn liked to claim that he knew everything, and he did. Mostly because nobody really ever noticed him much. This made it possible for him to hear and find out all kinds of things about everyone Quinn knew, because she introduced them all and loved inviting people over to her twisted abode.

                Buckling her seatbelt, she replied, "First off, it's 'cause I can't have any of my pale skin showing because it would be easy to see me sneaking in. And second, the school is air-conditioned. So… GO!" She said throwing up her hands.

                Immediately, the car hurtled forward, going so fast that Roger had to call at the very top of the incredibly long driveway for the gates to be opened at the bottom, or else it would have been too late. All the way the two cackled, both lovers of adventures and mischief.

                Merely seconds later, they arrived at Quinn's best friend's house. Delia Bloom entered the car, dressed almost exactly the same as Quinn; in all black, long pants and a turtleneck. As Roger shook his head at Delia as well, Quinn checked through her black mini-bag slung over her shoulder. She made sure she had all the supplies needed. A large amount of bobby pins, a cell phone, flash light, credit card, red Sharpie, and a whiteout pen were the contents of the bag. Smiling, she gave the thumbs up to Delia. Moments later, they had arrived at Webster High. Waving goodbye to Roger, the girls gave him a time to pick them up, and he sped off in the limo like a lunatic.

                "Back entrance." Quinn murmured. The two ran as fast as they could without being heard to the back of the school, where there was a single door of entry. As predicted, the door was locked. Handing the credit card to her friend, Quinn stuck one bobby pin into the lock, and nodded at Delia. Delia pushed the credit card into the slot between the edge of the door and the frame. Click. Sneaking inside, they tucked the supplies back into her backpack.

                Moving quietly, they ducked into the janitor's closet and pulled on the light switch. Delia watched as Quinn unrolled a large piece of paper and spread it out on the small table separating them. Pointing to different routes to a classroom, Quinn explained the plan and the way to exit through the front. The back exit was off-limits, because that would be the way all the teachers and administrative would take when it was closing time; leading directly to their parking lot.

                The girls exited the janitor's closet anxiously and took off down the main hall, passing a long set of lockers when they heard two talking voices coming right in their direction. Thinking quickly, Delia grabbed Quinn's hand and dragged her in the doorway of a classroom, hiding behind the short segment of wall that surrounded it. The teachers passed without a clue as to what they were missing, and the girls set off again.

                Finally they reached the classroom of Mrs. Goldberg; an old woman who was senile but very kind; except of course to Quinn Doberson. This was mainly because Quinn enjoyed pulling many pranks on all of her teachers, and the shenanigans never ended for Miss Doberson. Using the same methods as was used to get through the back entrance, they snuck into the dark classroom. Delia clicked on the flashlight and shined it at Mrs. Goldberg's desk.

                Quinn moved quickly and sat down in Mrs. Goldberg's chair. Luckily, the front drawer of the desk was already open, so she did not have to waste time trying to crack a lock. Digging through pens, pencils, rulers, and what have you, she finally located the two things she had been looking for. She put both objects flat on the desk as Delia came over and joined her, shining the light straight down on them.

                "Her grade book and your final? How fascinating. What a noble adventure this has been." She said, rolling her eyes. Quinn shushed her and flipped through the book, looking for her name. When she found it, she changed the 'F' with a pen from Mrs. Goldberg's desk to an 'A'. With that, she turned to her final and drew the lines to make the 'F' an 'A', and then began carefully whiting out all the red circles, as Delia searched Mrs. Goldberg's desk for an A to copy the correct answers off of. When everything was finished, the two returned all of the teacher's possessions to her desk including the exams, and packed away all of their own supplies. Then, they dashed for the door, turned the knob and… click.

                "Quinn…!" Delia said with a horribly nervous tone. "-It's locked!"