[A/N~ Yes, I am aware that this is not the greatest poem, but when is my
work ever? It may not even make much sense. Well, this is a sestina, and
trust me, they are not that easy to write because you have to follow a
certain pattern and all. And yes, the words ARE supposed to repeat like

~Bleeding, Toxic Demise~

Let flow this bitter blood
Spilled by the sharpest razorblade
Leaving me completely broken
Nothing left to scream
Approaching my fleeting death
From these poison pills

I swallow these deathly little pills
In my sea of crimson blood
Drowning as I fight to swim toward death
My only friend the biting edge of this razorblade
My life vest to staunch my scream
But it can't save my black heart, already broken

My reflection in the mirror is broken
Into shattered pieces, so I'll pop more pills
To make the vision go away, and I won't scream
Even with my eyes closed, all I see is scarlet blood
Produced by my silver savior, this razorblade
Begging my own hands for death

I no longer fear death
The effort to stay alive has left me broken
My right hand clutching one last razorblade
My left hand grasping a bottle of pills
Soon I am engulfed in red blood
No one around to hear me scream

Louder than a banshee was my scream
For salvation, but no one heard so I choose death
In a puddle of beautiful blood
I am too bruised and broken
To live without the toxic pills
Or the bloodstained razorblade

So I'll make one last deep slash with my faithful razorblade
No one left to care or scream
I slowly down the bottle of pills
I'm close enough to taste my bleeding, toxic death
What was lost can never be repaired when it's broken
The only joy left is the dripping blood.

Too much crimson blood lost with a shiny razorblade
I am too broken to even utter a scream
Let my tragically delightful death be delivered by happy, lethal pills.