Gun violence

You could never feel the pain, the rage, it's strange
To have one mind, one spine, a soul, and a brain
That communicate as one and maintain one faith
It's hate that can change me from plain to insane
And in that frame I'm a flame that no one can contain
It began back in the day were a set disdain led to a verbal exchange
I'm never afraid but don't play renegade till I hear what they say
I wanted to erase all the racist ways they put on display
It was not ok and I paid by layin blood soaken full of bullet spray
Without delay I prayed "please God let me stay awake"
To avenge what my forefathers couldn't for goodness sake
My recovery led to discovery never again would I break
They can cover me but never can they bury me I stay forever changed
Carried heat in the street like my piece would humble my aches
Images overplayed of how the confrontation would be arranged
Motherfuckas know I ain't playin I was done being dumb and silent
Some go numb but I decided I ain't gunna be the one to end to this gun
I've seen mortal enemies on they knees laughin at me
While I barely could breathe only bleed and they kicked me and spatted at
But to hide inside cryin like bitch I knew that that couldn't be
Went to my homey still banged up and handed him a G
He said man fuck your money I'ma do this for free
But once we go all in man they'll be no escaping your memories
But fuck memories he could never see the ones still haunting me in my sleep
We found Carlos and homey capped his ass clean
Asked his mom was he really so sweet? She weeped thinking she wouldn't be
Tyrel, man that muthafucka would kill his own grandmother if you say so
So we layed low and waited for the mothafucka to get his payload of yayo
After the dealers left we crept up to his ass and said hey ho
Stripped his ass, no pride, no cash, bitch did u get what you came fo?
Homey told me this cat was a phony and nobody could hold me down
A crack deal gone wrong you think the po gunna give a fuck one more feinds
not around
Only one person left but this time homey wasn't in town
And ironic how I found the clown with the trick bitch who couldn't hold me
To have my pride broken in the hospital she said couldn't do it no more
No flowers I spent long hours just thinking of that fuckin whore
I ran up to the his four door ford and said its time to settle the score
They say people freeze like deer in the headlights
Same happens when they get hit in the jaw with a lead pipe
I blindfolded the bitch and said you fuckin trick get your head right
I'm not gunna kill you but this nigga be dead tonight . alright?
I smacked her till she calm down finally got her to stop putting up a fight
I took both of them to the lake and drove out to the middle of it
Threw the nigga over with a concrete brick attached to his wrists
I said baby its over we can move on, forget about past shit
For a second she believed it cuz I sounded so passionate
Turned her around face down and slit the bitch
A 16 inch blade of hate penetrated like she was askin for it
Driving home I dreamt of a tropical island and having fun on the beach
Seemed like moments ago those dreams were way out of reach
OH SHIT I saw blue sirens better as the pig says so pulled over
But I got blood all over, my life is over, step out son you don't look
3 more squad cars pull over, I reak of the killing odor
prison cell this is hell and I'm 40 years older..

I wake up to a hospital bed "your baby boy is a soldier"
I got a decision to make now; I got the world on my shoulders