Ignition: I'll see you in space

Lie back and bend like a lilac
Illuminate this black space like a gamma ray blast
We say that we need a place that won't fade fast
Yet we've constructed humanity's destruction veiled as protection from a
combat attack
Love: Our symbiotic existences remain a necessary trap
We remained locked in a spherical cycle of life and death gaps
Some people gasp but the fact is that the key to longevity is a balancing
Souls fill in the gaps that bodies and minds lack, knowing that we can't go
If peace and happiness is what we all seek to make last in this earth so
Then live with a hunger for it before the earth folds and lapses in an
eternal cold collapse
Friendship: fueled by an individual's divine passion for surviving past
Infanthood's epic vulnerability and adolescences' quest for freedom's grasp
Past adulthood's attractions to cash and laughs and the inevitability of
death's trap
Tragic plane crash and a rash of brash decisions explain today's volatile
How can a population with common desires and needs fight as centuries
We've lived past famines and plagues, world wars and cold wars and have
sworn pacts
God: The one constant if you believe or not, a steadfast symbol of hope's
Are we meant to sit and hold back as a law enacts and as our civil
liberties are attacked?
Will achieving happiness in the future mean suffering though a life that's
completely void and lack.

Listen, as silence is opportunistic, we must learn to trust not ourselves
but our instincts
If we close our eyes in revitalizing sleep, will we weep for moments missed
not meant to keep?
And if an instant life can change or even cease to remain, how do we change
yet remain the same and keep lit this eternal flame?
Will I be resurrected, and face the consequences of my intentional actions?
I don't know but I'll keep living life with unfaltering passion
I'll see you in space where memories can't be erased, and if light still
lingers I'll be able to retrace the softness of your face
Wisdom: as we grow older experiences change us and we can't remain the
same, limitless and infinite in the amount some ascertain
I'll see you then as you see me now, in space among nebulous clouds where
smiles will be standard and frowns aren't allowed
Let's build together from this day forward taking only one step first;
maybe we can make a difference in our dust spec corner of the universe
Hold hands and pray for a place before our DNA disintegrates without a
trace, a piece of the eternal, immortal, happiness we desired but never
felt its taste.
We will rise again. I'll see you in space