My Mother's Hidden Pain

My mother is hurting of this I am sure,
I wish I could do something maybe find her a cure

Although she will not say that it is so,
her spirit yearns to be free, she's longing to go

I know that some nights she cries in her sleep,
knowing this I can't help do anything but weep

She tries really hard to hide her pain,
but from this she has nothing in the least bit to gain

Once in a while I happen upon her sighs,
and I see the anguish and despair in her eyes

My heart goes out to her though she is beyond my reach,
I pray to thee Lord a lesson to teach

Tell all who will listen help those in despair,
for they are the ones who feel the world doesn't care

Reach for those needing it before its too late,
or soon they will be like my mother dreading her fate