I have been falling though a month of November rain
I have found comfort in the arms of oblivion
It may be cold outside
And I see my breath in front of me
Been going through the fog
For a thousand years or more
Lost in a sea of forests
Maybe the wind might guide me
If I could slow down
But time is my enemy
And all I see
Is my entire life passing before me
I cannot keep up this charade of glass
I am just as fragile as that fine china
Staring at you in the dining room
You think me steel?
Or do you think me crazed?
Well I am just as fragile
As porcelain
I am just as sane
As the madman running from his shadow
In the sweet November rain
Oh teardrops from outer space
You have brought me back to my own beginning
Another year not in waste
I fought the journey though
And I would never return empty handed

I have been though many a tattered love
Seen sweet broken hearts afire
Doused by the lust of a thousand kisses
Doused by the wrongness of morality
And the rightness of being wrong
While passion takes us to the heavens
There is always hell to pay
You have to live life
Without thinking of the consequences
You have to live life
Without any regret
Because if you regret
You cannot undo what is done
Always do as you would have done
If you had the chance
To do it over again

Scratch me off your list Failure
Because I am never coming home
This journey is too tough
And I do not think I have survived
But if I promised
I can make it though the storm
Without getting scratches
I would be fooling myself
And you would be naive
To believe my madness
You should know I take pride
In the thorn stuck to my side
The blood I have bled
Washed with November rain
Down the drain
Of the city sewer again

All over me
Down though my body
Down deep though my soul
I scoff at the balm before me
I laugh at those numbing anodynes
I need to heal myself

All over me
Down though my body
It slashed though the wrists of oblivion
The only good thing about my apocalyptic behavior
Is that all we have been told must be true
Well then why have not you scratches too?