In second place she sits, she stands

Untouched much like the endless sands

Marred with such torment you will never see

As you hover atop your mountain with glee

She knows

Deserted, forsaken, alone

Again, into your glen she is thrown

A never-ending anguish, unscathed, unmoved

Seemingly it shall never be removed

She knows

A sorely sought out redemption from the ceaseless agony

Still shielding her bleeding heart and soul, her fallen sentry

Unguarded, defenseless unprotected

Lucid, vivid, your image reflected

She knows

Such clarity she's never seen before

This caustic aura she seems to abhor

But the feelings are doomed to an eternity of silence

Wrapped tightly in a fa├žade, a lie, a veneer, a semblance

She knows

"Lies! All lies!" is what she will scream

The searing pain flows through her stream

Driven to the point of no return

Salvation from the pain; what she'll yearn

She knows

In second place she'll sit she'll stand

The pain, no longer; can withstand

No longer will she be there for you

The abated resilient sinew

Did you know?