Piece of Cake

Screw up

So fake
Grab a gun
Piece of cake

Pull the trigger
And you'll find
This world has lost
Another mind

One less person
To feed a day
One last good bye
I'll never say

Just another corpse
That won't be missed
Another lost soul
That needed a lift

Another flat tire
From the dangerous road
Another faulty car
That couldn't handle the load

Take it back
Head flies backward
Hear the neck snap

Warm blood
On skin
Feel unconsciousness
Rushing in

Heavy casket
Pretty flowers
Lots of tears
For half an hour

Must move on
They're in a rush
More souls to kill
More hearts to crush

So you get to live
Another day
I feel sorry
For you anyway

You fought the pain
I let go
There is no shame
In taking the easy road

I screwed up
I fell out
My tears dropped
I broke down

I was unworthy
You were so fake
So I grabbed a gun
It was a piece of cake