Eric: Welcome back. Let me tell you the action has never ceased. Jesus and Satan have continued their brutal assault on each other, and Allah and Muhammad have turned their attention away from Buddha and have moved over to Moses. This could be good for Buddha as now it gives him a little time to rest.

Vince: But it's bad news for Moses who is now on the receiving end of a brutal beating.

Eric: But you have to admire Moses' resilience. He refuses to be beaten. His people have survived thousands of years of beatings and they never quit and I don't think this man will either.

Vince: It looks like Buddha is making a move.

Eric: You're right Vince. Buddha has just charged Allah and Muhammad and speared the both of them. I guess you can't keep a big man down. Now Buddha is using his immense strength to lift Muhammad off his feet and threw him.

Vince: He just threw him right out of the ring for our second elimination of the night!

Eric: Muhammad is clearly shocked. He did not see that one coming.

Vince: And now Allah is left without a partner.

Eric: But it seems a new partnership has been formed between Buddha and Moses. Right now they are brutally double teaming Allah.

Vince: They could eliminate Allah at any point now. But they want to inflict some more punishment first. And by the sounds of the crowd, that's what they want to see as well.

Eric: But Allah isn't though yet. He's fighting back with all his will. If nothing else you have to admire this man's heart and will to compete.

Vince: But you can't go far on heart alone. You have to have stamina, and that's something Allah is running out of right now.

Eric: Yes and that's something Buddha and Moses have to spare because of their earlier tactics. And with one fluid motion, Buddha has eliminated Allah by throwing him over the top rope headfirst.

Vince: So far Buddha has eliminated every competitor in this contest. And that leaves four. With one more elimination this contest will turn into a triple threat match.

Eric: I think Buddha wants to just wait for a while Jesus and Satan eliminate each other.

Vince: That's a good plan. Let two of the biggest challenges take themselves out.

Eric: My gosh! Moses has just attacked Buddha from behind and attempted to push him over the top rope. But Buddha held on and his feet didn't touch the floor.

Vince: But Moses still thinks he's eliminated the big guy. It would have been a good plan had it worked, but Buddha is still in this match.

Eric: And now he's mad. I don't think anybody can stand a chance once they've angered this man. And Moses is about to find that out.

Vince: Oh, Buddha has just delivered a super kick to the jaw of Moses and he's down for the count. All he has to do now is pick him up and push him over the top rope and this round is over.

Eric: And that is just what he has done. And now with Moses eliminated, it's down to three and this is now a triple threat match.

Vince: The competitors are being directed to go back to their corners and a referee is being brought in to count pinfalls and submissions.

Ring announcer: Let the triple threat match begin!