Shaina Lorren was having, quite possibly, the worst day of her entire life. She wondered what she had done to deserve this. Most likely, she would burn in hell for what she had just done. But, then again, there were probably many things for which she would burn in hell, so why not just add this one? See, the thing was, most people didn't have to wake up in the morning, trip over there own feet and scrape both of their knees so that they had to wear attractive bandaids, even though it was summer, and they wanted to wear a short skirt, and then, walk into their office, and get FIRED for being ten minutes late, for only the second time. (Well, all right, possibly the fifth or sixth time, but seriously, it was hard to wake up that early!) And, lastly, most people did not have to face their boyfriend, hovered over the perfectly sculpted body of Brianna Morgan.

Shaina had lived across the street from Brianna, or, Brie, as they all called her back then, for her entire life. Even when Brie was six, she was the smartest girl in school, and the child that all of the parents secretly wanted as their daughter. Shaina didn't like Brie much to begin with, however, their parents were close friends, and that thrust them together. Shaina and Brie were, basically, accidental friends. They had nothing in common, were bored to death in each other's presence, and wouldn't have been friends if it hadn't been for where they lived, but they had to make the effort anyway. Generally, visits to the Morgan or Lorren residences were quite awkward among the two girls for a few years, with Brie and Shaina attempting to pretend that they actually liked each other at all. Until the girls were ten, they barely spoke about anything of substance. Then, one Thanksgiving, the families were gathered at the Lorren home. As usual, after the relatively silent meal, Shaina happily retreated to her room, waiting until Brie's parents scolded her, and told her to go upstairs and say hello. The time came about an hour earlier than usual. Brie marched upstairs, her long auburn hair tied in two braids, her plaid skirt wrinkled. But she was confident, something Shaina had never seen in Brie before.

Brie walked right up to Shaina and stated, "We're going to be friends now." Shaina had just looked the homely girl up and down, and laughed.

"Really?" Shaina had muttered, "Since when? And, for god's sakes, why?!"

Obviously, Brie had not been prepared for either of these questions. "Well," Brie started, "I mean, our parents always make us hang out together, it's easier to get along than sit around, secretly hating each other."

Shaina had glanced at Brie. "We have different friends at school," she said, "It'd look stupid." Shaina pulled out Barbie and began brushing her hair.

Brie knelt beside her. "Shaina," she said softly, looking deeply into her eyes, "I wanna know you." And something had come over Shaina at that moment. A feeling of warmth, of interest. And she had smiled.

No one understand the friendship between Brianna Morgan and Shaina Lorren. The girls themselves couldn't really explain it. It hadn't been Brie's sudden outburst, it was all just waiting to happen. They talked at school all the time, well, whenever they could. Their respective "crowds" were quite different. Brie was the brainiac, the sweet, intelligent girl who could make anyone feel like they were her best friend. She just had this amazing disposition that made everyone want to be around her as much as possible. Brie always made straight As, but she learned, too. Always eager and curious, Brie was the first with her hand up. She was one of the few kids who really cared about learning, and people respected her for it. But there was a find line between respect and admiration.

Shaina's grades were fine, but what really came through was her beauty, and her ability to attract the opposite sex. She was gorgeous in the way that no amount of plastic surgery can fulfill, you just either had it or you didn't. Shaina had this bouncy, strawberry-blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders, and ridiculously creamy, smooth skin. She seemed like she was born knowing how to apply her makeup just right, and she was envied by every single girl in the school. Always. All of the boys wanted her, but she was very picky, and rarely actually went out with someone. She preferred to be lusted after from a distance, and only let the college guys at frat parties go up her shirt. She was the kind of girl that everyone dreamed about being. Even Brie often found herself wanting to be just like Shaina. But it was good enough to be her friend.

There was really no comparison with Brie and Shaina, they were so different. While Brie was an excellent athlete and always beat the boys, Shaina preferred to run in the back of the line with the cute stoner boys, and giggling when they got caught talking. Shaina could have been great at running, too, but she valued her popularity too much. Brie often spent extra time on her homework to make it just right, while Shaina just turned in whatever sloppy crap she had done that morning because she had been on the phone all night. Brie lived up to her potential, and Shaina didn't. She was caught up on the surface things.

Brie ran with no crowd, she just talked to whoever she felt like, and to hell with anyone who didn't like it. Some guys liked her, some thought she was a nerd, Brie didn't really care. She just was always herself, no one else. Shaina was with the most popular, most beautiful girls and guys in school, and they walked around liked they ran the place. Shaina wasn't stuck-up, really. She just appeared that way. There were always rumors about her and the captain of the football team, Brent Stewart; that they had hooked up at whatever party, things like that. But Shaina always kept a secretive smile, and never told anyone the truth. Everyone said that Brent liked Shaina a lot, but Shaina didn't want to go out with him. This was entirely a lie. Shaina liked Brent almost more than he liked her, and they had been dating for some time. She just hadn't wanted to shake her reputation. Brie had accidentally let it slip, and then everyone knew. Shaina kept on dating him right through college, up until this morning, when she had caught him with Brie.