Crack In The Ceiling

What are you looking up to
A dark crack in the ceiling
Can you hear me scream to you
Are you as numb as I'm feeling

And we ride our demons through the night
We ride on the back of a dead horse
Our hearts have stopped to beat and fight
while we have gone from bad to worse

So what's left to look up to
than a crack in the ceiling
And I still scream for you
while I've lost this feeling

Of knifes sliding through my skin
I've lost it all and you know it too
For we've lost all feelings within
and the pain comes shooting through

And a spinning universe starts to exist
For every crack in the ceiling
For all the possibilities we've missed
And our bloody skin starts peeling

While we fall apart to a point of no return
to build a foundation on each other
And we can feel the nothingness burn
which binds us like sister and brother

So what's left but a crack in the ceiling
So what's left but a chosen possibility
And we are left to find this feeling
together with us in our small eternity