Life is nothing but a game.
You control the dice, the pieces you use and in what direction they go.
What friends are made and who is hurt.
You control love and life.
It's your choice to start the game, or to end the game, as with life.
To have fun, to make it competitive, or to cry whenever you loose. You can
also decide to pick your self up and move to the next square, to get over
Life goes on; sometimes you've just got to give it a push.
You can take shortcuts, and let things hurt you, but in the end it's your
choice to roll that dice or not.
It's your choice to live or to die.
Life is nothing but a game.
I don't want to die, pack it up. I want to win it so as I can prove I can
handle its corners its shadows and pain.
Life is nothing but a game, and I'm gonna win.

By Siobhan
Date: 20/june/2004