Sin robed in innocence
White folds of satin suffocating a pale lithe body
Her skin smolders as tendrils of burning purity search for compassion long
Smoke tangles in locks of long black hair, caresses of supposed
As the innocence seeks to create an artificial soul of blinding
In the place of one that revels in darkness.

The glittering ivory mocks her as she stares in the mirror
The color of heaven on one who thrives in hell
Is it ignorance, she wonders, that makes the sinless free of pain?

She silently watches those who exist in the light, wrapped in their pretty
Sugar kisses, summer playgrounds, twilights and lovers' long glances.
Two figures embrace in the long night before battle, tainted with despair
Neither mentioning Death looming over their doorstep.
Sin has seen hate bind for eternity but love fall away to despair in an
And is puzzled, seeing no profit in placing faith in something as fleeting
as love
When all she knows is the sweet rush of battle and the feel of dead flesh
under her claws.

Shaking her head, she twists out of her white prison, examining her skin
flaring red
And shudders off lingering ghosts of emotions she does not remember how to
Glancing unconsciously at the night outside
Sin wonders if the innocent will try to understand the damned.

Innocence robed in sin
The stark ebony washing out her delicate features
Her stomach clenches violently; naked sinless covered in heavy velvet
Her ears ring with the cruel laughter of evil that does not sleep
And crimson Temptation consumes her every thought.

She has tasted this horror before, Death gliding through her home as
Destruction razed it
But it has never shrouded her so, this relentless, consuming darkness
She lives blinded in the light while other slink the shadows
Weaving happy memories in an easy fairy tale tapestry.

Wondering desperately at who would choose any other life
She sees Sin bathing in blood of thousands, crimson dripping from her body
like rain
Ghosts of the slain tug at her, their translucent eyes desperate and
Tears stream silently down her face as she pulls away from the pleading

Tearing off the folds of sin into a crumpled heap of black
Innocence curls up into herself, arms straining to keep limbs close
Warm salty liquid pools on the floor beneath her wet eyes
Dark pictures flash in front of her, blood red in the deep abyss
Trembling, she wonders if the damned will try to remember innocence.

Twilight bathes a wheat field in golden and purple sheens
Innocence and Sin meet in the fading light
Sin watches the white angel with narrowed red eyes
Innocence's crystal blue gaze sweeps coldly over the demon
And they stride warily towards each other.

Their fingers brush as they relinquish the borrowed cloaks.

One woman, clad in robes of silver,
Black and white locks of silky hair falling to her sides
And a wise, world-weary look on her pale face,
Looks at the fallen cloaks standing out sharply against the dull wheat.
Folding her arms around her, she stares at nothing
Intense amethyst eyes unreadable and faraway

She looks within herself and finds both Sin and Innocence
And summons the memories of the two halves that make her whole.
Settling down atop black and white, she begins a meditation on an ancient

There is only gray.

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to any errors. *smiles* Also, I'm having some spacing/formatting issues,
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