By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Nineteenth day of November--
And Nick Cochran was in search of another
Female who he would tell that she's as great
As Cleopatra,until he was able to humiliate
Her in front of all of her business partners.

He thought that he was God's gift to women--
But they want someone to place him in
A situation and force him to understand
That treating women like sex-objects isn't so grand.
That's where a devilish lady named Cassandra came in.

After he'd walked into the bar
And saw the Terry Farrell type beauty from afar,
Nick sat down next to her and
Asked her what was her favorite Rock-N-Roll band.
Cassandra's response was 'Shatterstar'.

Just then,a few minutes later,
Cassandra invited Nick to join her
At her place for a nightcap.
After he'd put on his baseball cap,
They've gone to Cassandra's private lair.

After they've reached her pad and swallowed a few
Drinks,Nick became suddenly dizzy,before he'd knew
That something was wrong with the nightcap,
For he should've known it was a trap
And he'd bitten off more than he could possibly chew.

After he'd woke up,Nick was shocked to see
That he's been transformed into a Meg Ryan type beauty.
And that's only the half of it,for Cassandra's told
Nick that she's got a permanent hold
On her new sex-slave and that's the way it's going to be.