To love
Written by: Felicia Spencer
AN: I was feeling pretty crappy about love in general, and I wrote this as
a result of that. I will have more happy poems coming your way, but for now
I'm filled with angst, and I ain't afraid to show it. So you know the
drill. R&R...and if you don't then I'll get Mike Tyson to bake some
cookies, and force you all to eat them. Who knows what EARgredients he'll
use. Hehe. That made me feel a little better, but I'll feel really better
if you review. TTFN.

I can't do this any longer
I can't believe in love
It's all myths and fairytales
A lie is what it was

A hurtful thing to bring me down
An experience never known
Why should I love, love back
When to me it's never shown

A life can be filled with bitterness
If a hearts been broken too much
A sigh of relief can be felt
With the gentlest touch

A touch of love can cure all ills
Love can rule the world
But love is afraid of me
Afraid of this young girl

So go away. I believe no more
Love is all a lie
To love, I give my last decree
To love I say goodbye