In all the time I've known you
In all the time youve cared
I've never known you to be one
to act so fucking scared

What is it your afraid of?
are you scared of what could be?
'cause now im not sure whats the problem
is it you or me?

This is for sure a gamble
I know of that for sure
but I know that its a chance worth taking
To love your not inured

Please tell me what im missing
please help me understand
'cause to me theres nothing I like better
then walking hand in hand

I know you say I played you hard
and to that your probably right
but look at me im ready now
I'm standing here to fight

Dont tell me you'll give up on me
Dont tell me its enough
'Cause thats not you
the boy I knew
used to be quite tough

Its now your time to listen
I have one thing to say
I love you and I need you now
To help me find my way.