Mother Part 2

Kevin watched her from his car as she got out of her Cadillac Escalade and walked toward the playground. She looked like an Eskimo, all bundled up in her ankle-length fur coat. He checked his watch. "11:13," he said to himself, "whatever's most convenient for you." He slipped on his gloves, grabbed the Wacky Racers box out of the backseat, and got out of the car. He shrugged off the cold and crunched through the thin layer of snow toward the woman. His heart raced, he had been waiting for this all day. Adrenaline pumped through his body. He took a deep breath to calm himself, he did not want to appear too anxious.
"I'm surprised to see you here," she said when she recognized him walking toward her.
Kevin walked up to her and offered his hand. "My friend wasn't feeling well, he called and asked if I could deliver this for him." He held up the box.
"Well aren't you just the modern day Good Samaritan," she laughed.
"Not really," he said shyly. "I'm just helping out a friend, and maybe making a new one. My mother used to tell me that one can never have too many friends." Kevin was very proud of himself. He had gained this woman's trust, and was showing incredible restraint. None of the others had lasted this long.
"Actually I'm very happy you showed up, I was a little nervous about meeting your friend."
"He's really not that bad."
"Just the same, I'm glad you're here." The woman looked at her watch. "It's getting late, I really should be going."
"Yeah, me too, here's the toy for your grandson," he said handing her the box.
She took the box and was about to hand Kevin the money when she stopped, looked at the box and said, "It's awfully light. It almost feels like it's.."
"Empty," Kevin said smiling.
The woman looked at him puzzled. 'This is great, she still doesn't understand. She's even more stupid than the rest.' His gloved hand curled into a fist. With the speed and precision of a professional boxer, he landed a powerful right hook on the bridge of the woman's nose. Blood splattered across her face instantly. She was unconscious before she hit the ground. Kevin dragged her into a small wooded area behind the playground.

"Wake up mother," Kevin whispered into the woman's ear. "Wake up!" He slapped her face. Her eyes blinked open. He placed his hand on her neck. "If you scream, I will have to kill you. Do you understand, mother?"
The woman whimpered and nodded. "Why?" She whispered.
"Why mother? Could it be that you really don't know why? Christ, mother, you really can't be that fucking stupid." His grip tightened on her throat. "After all these years of putting up with your bullshit! Your goddamn rules, the beatings, and worst of all the fact that you hated me. I was never good enough for you. I'm not smart enough, strong enough, not handsome enough, and I'm inconsiderate. Should I go on? Nothing I ever do will be good enough for you, mother."
"But I'm not your mother," she tried to say, but he never heard her.
As Kevin went on, his hand tightened around her neck. "How long did you think I would live like that? For twenty-nine years, you have treated me like I'm a worthless piece of garbage. I'm sorry, mother, but I won't let you do it anymore." Kevin stopped and turned his head when he heard a rustle in the bushes.
The woman saw her break and took it. She reached down, grabbed a handful of his crotch, and squeezed with every bit of strength she had in her hand. He groaned and fell head first into the snow. She got up and tried to run but her head was a little dizzy from him choking her. As she ran by, Kevin lunged at her and grabbed her ankle, forcing her to fall into a bush. "I won't let you get away mother. I have to do this, it will be good for my self-esteem."
She saw him get to his feet as she struggled with the bush. "I'm not your mother, you sick son of a bitch!" He reached her and grabbed a handful of hairspray encrusted silver hair. She kicked her leg backward, striking him in the knee. He yelled out in pain. The woman prayed that someone had heard.
When she finally got out of the bush, she saw that he was still attempting to get to his feet. She ran out of the woods into the playground and tried to scream for help, but her voice was not working. Kevin came instead. She looked back to see him coming out of the woods limping toward her. Her foot hit the piece of wood they use to keep the sand in the playground and went sprawling.
Before she had time to think, Kevin was there. He rolled her over and sat on her stomach, pinning her arms and shoulders down with his hands. "I told you, mother, you can't get away. You can't run away from what you've done to me." He leaned over so that his face was just inches from hers and whispered, "I had no idea you would still be so strong at your age." He lifted his head and slammed his forehead into hers. The skin over her eye split open like an overcooked hot dog, exposing the bone under her eyebrow.
He picked her up and carried her back to her Escalade, found the keys in her coat pocket, and opened the door. First, he put her in the driver's seat. Next, he untied his shoes and pulled out the laces. Then he tied her hands to the steering wheel with his shoelaces. When he was sure she was secure, he got in the passenger side and lit a cigarette.
Halfway through his smoke break, the woman began to stir. Kevin flicked the butt out the window and leaned over to her. "Mother? Are you alright?" he asked teasingly.
".hurts." she said barely audible.
"I know it does, but don't worry, soon all the pain will be gone."
The woman seemed to be shocked. Her good eye opened and she looked at him. Kevin could see the fear in her eye. He put his hands on her throat and began to squeeze. "Very soon, mother, you will not feel a thing."
She didn't try to fight, never even moved her arms. They looked into each other's eyes until Kevin saw the life drain out of her. He let go of her neck, and looked into the blank stare of the woman's dead eye. "I will not take any more of your abuse." He got out, walked back to his car, and drove home.

It was well after midnight when Kevin arrived home. He was quiet, he did not turn on the lights. He removed his shoes and walked, nearly on tiptoes, to his bedroom. As he turned the knob on his bedroom door, the hall lights clicked on.
"Where the hell have you been young man," the old woman with big silver hair said. "You should have been home hours ago. Don't tell me you had to stay late and play with all those toys." Kevin opened the door without saying a word. "When are you going to grow up and get a real job? You're not even a man, just a little boy playing with toys." He went into his room, and locked the door. "Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you, young man. Who do you think you are? You come out of there right now," she said shaking and beating on the door.
Kevin lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. 'One of these days, mother. one of these days.'