When the world is empty

When the world is empty all I think about is you

When the leaves from my beautiful one are whisked away from me

When the time is right and there is no light, I turn to you

When your hurt and your pain grow so deep inside,

When you tell me your hurting inside I look to the sky

I pray and pray and ask and beg for your pain to go away

I ask for a miracle to help my fallen Angel day after day

I hope I can help you I hope I can be your Love and only

When the wold is empty and its only you and me

All I see is your face in the light that comes from your window

When my freinds dont understand why Im with you

I tell them its because of that feeling I get when im around you

The way you glow when you smile is so beautiful

Do you know what its like when you say I love you to me

It's the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced

I know you mean it.

The whole world emptys and noone is there to hurt us

When I'm around you and my world is empty it doesn't matter

All I need is your sweet touch upon me and your body next to mine

When this world seems so empty and The pain wont go away

I turn to you I turn to my fallen Angel, I turn to my freinds

They're always there for me, they always seem to guide me

I turn away from my old self and forget everything I know

Just to trust my freinds that are here for me now

They make the pain go away for a moment or two

They've helped me save myself when I was about to fall

They've tought me so much and I have no way of thanking them

When the world is empty it's these people that I see