A/N: Woah! I wrote this in 14 minutes! Sweet! Anyway, I hope you like it. I really wanted to write a story with a twist and this sparked me. Yes, I know, it is a bit wordy, but I was going for the "Calvin and Hobbes" aspect... if you read C&H, then you might get my meaning better... Tee hee!



The Big House


This was it. I was heading for captivity. I was innocent! What did I do to be sent to this hell hole I've heard so much evil about?

I was loaded onto a large convict transportation vehicle with many others whom were about to be subjected to imprisonment. The ride was long and unbearable, so many of the others stared at me and at everyone else, equally pondering the reason of this fate.

Finally, this captivity bus stopped and we were forced to exit. This was it. The large brick building surrounded by high fencing mocked me. Guards stood, ever watchful, in the inmate recreation area. I looked around, hoping to spot an escape. It was impossible.

I stood before the doors as if they were the gates of Purgatory. I felt judged. Would I survive this day? Would I survive the next? Would I survive the rest of my time?

Upon entering this vast, grey building, all of my bus' occupants were sent to different corridors of this facility. I steadily walked down the treaturous hallway, trying not to show fear and avoid being cast as the 'weak' one. I entered a room full of many other captives.

The two guards in this room took roll call. While everyone was answering their presence, I looked around the room to see who I'd be spending my time with. Every room in the facility was for each different group of people, apparently placed by the seriousness of their crimes.

After we all were accounted for, and word sent to the chief of the building, we all were sent to our cells. Here, we placed our belongings and headed for another section of the building. This wore on for the rest of the day. Thankfully, though, halfway through our labours, we were allowed a recreation period where we were all sent outside.

The area for this was roughed up. Only some modified benches and a small court for basketball and a few mangled rubber balls stood there like tumbleweeds from an old western. The regulars, whom already knew eachother, ganged up on a few of the people who didn't know that this was 'their' court. I avoided all possible situations that might potentially start a riot.

After this, we were sent to the mess hall. The rumours I've heard are quite true. The food was horrible, not even a dog would be satisfied with it. I did, however, manage to socialize here and learn of their thoughts of escape and so on.

At the end of the day, we all were sent to our cells. It was here that I received a notice. I had a visitor. She was in the boss' office. That place gave me the chills. I've heard stories.

When I made it to the main office, I saw my sister. I knew it! She got me out! She said she'd find a way to, I told her I was innocent.

She smiled at me.

"How was your first day at school?"


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