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Satsuki watched the busy world beneath him as he sat on top of the smooth, cool marble pillar with his face in his hands. All was silent where he was and no one had appeared once today. Though he was anxious as to why, he could not help feeling that for once it was nice to have the place to himself and have time to think.

He gave himself another five minutes then jumped down to the floor twenty feet away with a quiet 'thump'. Walking to his office, he opened the door and as soon as he entered, he reminded himself that the room needed decorating for the hundredth time. It also needed central heating but as that would have melted the requests and the whole room, he had to make do with a thick white coat (black and any other dark colours were banned). He sat down on the chair and stared blankly at the bright white ceiling. Putting his feet on the desk in front, he gazed out of his room instead, as it didn't blind him as much.

Being an Angel of Love was not his ideal field of work, but as he had no choice, he decided it was better than nothing. It was either this and follow the orders of everyone else, or become a fallen angel. Sometimes it seemed to him that would be a better idea. His job wasn't particularly interesting as all he had to do was shoot a couple of arrows with a bow and if that failed, which it usually did as he was useless at aiming, he engraved the people's names on the bullets and used a machine gun (don't worry no one notices it). Angels or Mercy or Death was more his type of thing, watching mortals become scared to death (sometimes literally. Love was a thankless job and hard to get through to people in this modern age because they seemed to have developed an immunity against his old techniques. 1 week later, they were busy dating someone else. He needed new ideas.

His arms felt colder and as he watched the desk, there was a neat square frosting over in the corner, leaving a thin sheet with engraving on. Ice was the latest craze, engraving their work on the sheets. Plus it was more environmentally friendly. Satsuki read the assignment and frowned, thinking the people above had made a mistake. Usually he was informed with whom he was meant to be shooting next, but this time there was only one name and a question mark. He walked out of his room and went the nearest room, which was opposite him and entered. As he walked to the desk, he looked round finding no one inside. He was still confused as to where the others were. On the desk was a growing pile of orders. The Angel of Prayers. Taking a quick look around him, making sure no one would suddenly appear, he picked up the top sheet then hurriedly went out before getting caught.