I sit here.
In my sanctuary.
Watching as my jumble of feelings,
Float by.
I feel safe here.
No one can get me.
I am protected.
Thoughts of others go unheard.
Preventing any hurts.

Yet sometimes I wish,
That I was on the outside,
So people could understand me,
And reach out and comfort me.
So I could be free.

But it's scary out there,
Words can hurt.
And I can't predict,
How they'll react,
If they knew all about me.

Better be safe than sorry,
And stay here in my private retreat,
Where I'm hidden from the world,
And knives of hate,
Can't penetrate.
Yes, lets remain behind here,
Behind this mirrored pane of glass.
Until all is clear,
And I am free,
To tickle my bare feet
On the grass.