The Deeper Shade of Blood~
In the alley...
Their eating you alive.
But then, slowly, suddenly, they creep away.
You see a flash of long raven hair, pale skin, a leather trench coat....
Ivory, sharp teeth.
It's her.
She comes, revealed by moonlight.
She smiles maliciously at your torn, mangled body lying on the damp
Her red eyes flash,
She sees the puddle of blood around you...
Your blood...
The moon screams...
The stars explode in with fire, blood, dust and gore...
It all echoes through the night,
Ripping the black sky,
Turning it to crimson.
The color of her lips,
Dripping from her mouth...
She drank from you.
You stare in horror.
Suddenly, you close your eyes.
You're dead.
She leans down and kisses you,
Blood seeping from her lips,
Onto yours,
Into your mouth.
Your eyes snap open.
She pulls away.
You stand.
The wounds are gone.
You are now a creature of the night.
One with the night,
One with her,
One with death,