Chapter 7

The rain continued to pour. If there were any snipers around, they would most likely have imaging enhancers in case of night or rain. Hopefully that would not be the case, as the only one shielded from such devices is the under waiting under the mist, which at this time, is Shade. That wasn't going to stop Phal and the rest from getting the job done.

They continued through the back alleys of the skyscrapers, through the open streets, devoid of any life. If there was any life about, it would be in the skyscrapers, near the top, where the Federation snipers would most likely be hiding. Phal lead his team out into what probably was a busy street before the Feds hit. There were cars that had headlights on, bright neon lights were on storefronts, and the streetlights were decorated with banners and such. The only cover they would have if a firefight broke out would be in the form of parked cars. Even then, they would be brightly illuminated. Darkness would be their safest route, but it wasn't the way to go at this point. Phal motioned for everybody to back into the alley, and they took cover behind a dumpster.

"We can't just go out there without risking a few limbs." Phal said. "We'll need an alternate way… Cindy, I saw a potential contact up high on the 11, can you confirm?"

"Sure." Said Cindy, moving forwards, getting her rifle ready. She aimed at the given position, and looked around for a bit. She saw the red blob Phal mentioned, zoomed in, and switched off thermal for a picture. "Yep, it's a Federation sniper all right… He's using a Covler Stock K-3 without any headgear, so we should be free to move through the streets."

"Why do you say that?" Phal asked.

"A K-3 only has night vision, so unless they looked down without it on, we're safe. And, with the Federation having so many troops, chances are they'll all be using the same weapons. I guess Covlers are still cheap!" Cindy explained.

"I'd say take him out, but the contrail and wake would give off our position… Shade, could you remove those?" Phal asked.

"I could, but I'm stuck under the mist." Shade stated.

"Then get over here. Forget about the heat devices, they'll just ruin this mission." Dex said.

"Fine. I'll be just a minute." Shade said, in a tone so cold that the mist above him could've froze.

"Okay, Cindy. In the meantime, I'm going to hit the sewers. Vhizk, you'll be coming with me. Saldra and Dex can wait with you incase something happens and there is an injury." Phal said, moving deeper into the alley towards a sewer cover.

"What if something happens to either of you?" Saldra asked.

"Then one of us will use that rocket launcher to blow the street out." Phal said, dropping into the sewer. "OH CRAP!!" He shouted. "THESE RATS HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!"

"Look before you take the plunge next time then!" Dex laughed.

Vhizk followed down the ladder after Phal, taking time to replace the cover. They proceeded into the sewers in their crouched position. Vhizk had her pistol ready, Phal with his Submachine Gun. He reached for something on his belt, and tossed it to Vhizk. She attached the silencer to her pistol as Phal pulled one out for him. It didn't fit onto his SMG so he had to use his pistol.

"Okay, we should probably head this way…" Phal said, pointing to a passageway on the other side of the sewage. "It should give us a route back up to surface, hopefully on the other side of the street or a place where we can climb up to eliminate the sniper."

"Ok. I'll cover our tracks and you take point?" Vhizk asked.

"My thoughts exactly." Said Phal, heading towards the destination, which was currently a bridge that connected the sides together.

The sewers were actually lit, but it was sectional to say the least about it. There were only lights at places where traffic could intersect. The rest was either dim or dark, and a control station was nowhere to be seen. As the two crept along, they passed the opening they were to head into, and they both checked into it as they went. There was somebody down there, but they were facing the other way. Vhizk shot out the light as they went, and Phal covered the one over the bridge. Their night vision turned on, which gave them a surprising advantage. Phal stopped after crossing the bridge, playing with the menus.

"What are you doing?" Vhizk asked.

"I'm trying to see if I can get thermal to overlay on night vision. You never know if the Federation has scouts." Phal explained.

"And you think the scouts would have light-benders?" Vhizk asked.

"Why wouldn't they? They hit any CEC branch they can, and they probably stole some along the way." Phal stated.

"But then why would they be used in the sewers?"

"Because nobody would think of going into the sewers for easy access, so it would be a logical place to station people so people don't do that."

"If nobody would use the sewers, then why put people in them?"

"Because then the enemy, us, would think the same thing, when in fact we're walking right into a trap."

"And you knew this?"

"More casualties for them is better for us." Phal said, moving on.

They came back to the passageway, each taking position on either side. They both leaned in, taking a look at who was in there. It was a group of Federation guards, talking amongst themselves. Phal took aim at the leg of one guard; Vhizk took aim at his head. Phal fired, making the guard backwards, the Vhizk shot him in his head. The guards let out their some surprise, and turned to face where the shots came from. However, they faced the opposite way of the two, who snuck towards two of them, taking them from behind and dragging them off without the last three knowing it, who continually backed up. Phal and Vhizk dumped the two into the sewage, attracting the attention of the remaining guards. When they came out of the passageway, they tried their best to help the fallen two out of the sewage.

"Where are they?" one of them asked.

"I don't know… they aren't down the way…" another said.

"I never saw them." Said one in the sewage.

"They're probably around here somewhere…" said the last one.

"Please don't kill me! I have family back in Germany!" said the first one.

Phal and Vhizk took aim at the two men on the right. The one in the sewage was shot in the shoulder, dragging the man helping him in. They were both shot in the head as they fell. The other two turned to see it and also fell into the sewage, dead. The last one slowly walked backwards from the incident, but still away from the passageway. They checked behind them periodically, making sure they weren't going to die from behind. As they turned back to face the dead, they were pulled upwards.

"Then you shouldn't have joined the Federation if you knew you were going to die." Said Phal, twisting the neck and dropping him into the sewage. The two fell from the ceiling and pressed on into the passageway.

"Come on Shade, any time now…" Dex said, shooting some more Feds as Saldra tended to Cindy's wound.
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