It was just about midnight when Jay Woods stepped into his New York apartment that he had bought last fall when he decided that he needed some time off from work. Greenwich Village was exactly what he had needed, it was beautiful and artsy and for some reason or another he just felt like he was home there.

The door slammed shut behind him, there was a murmured complaint from the room next to him, and a half hearted bang on the wall with a wooden cane from the old man living next door to him. Immediately Jay wished that he hadn't let the door slam and he cradled his throbbing head in his hands.

He could hear a young couple fighting loudly in the hallway and he desperately wished that they would shut up, couldn't they see that his head was damn nearly splitting open? He couldn't make out exactly what they were saying, but it sounded like Ron had cheated with on his girlfriend with a girl from the club not too far away.

Jay saw Ron storm down the hall, leave the building, and shuddered when the front door slammed again. The woman was still in the hallway, her long thick curtain of ginger hair shielding her face and slowly her body began to slump against the wall like a puppet whose strings had just been cut.

He waged a mental battle; his head was still throbbing from the pulsing music and the constantly present alcohol, he had just discovered a drink called the Cabaret, and one always seemed to be shoved into his hand, he figured that he would taste the cherries for a week.

The girl's sobs echoed eerily down the hall and bounced around inside Jay's skull, but even against his better judgment, he found himself pulling open the increasingly heavy wooden door. "Hey," He said a little uncertainly. "Are you okay?" She didn't look up at him but sniffled softly and gave a watery sigh. "You've been listening to that?" She asked as she looked up at him with the bluest eyes he had ever seen. "Everyone fights" He said and had an urge to run his fingers through her long silky hair, but he had the instinct that if he tried it, she would shred him into ribbons.

He walked closer to her and when he was nearly right in front of her, she straightened up, blinked back a few tears, and looked up at Jay through them. "Yeah? I never hear you screaming you're head off at your girlfriend" Jay's lips tilted into a small smile. "Well that's because I don't have a girlfriend"

He held a hand out during the slightly awkward pause and said "I'm Jay Woods" She looked at his hand for a short moment that seemed to drag on before she took it in her china doll hand and grinned up through the tears. "Cassidy Finn, but my friends call me Cass." Jay smiled. "Cassidy is too much of a beautiful name to ever be shortened to Cass" As their hands touched each other Jay nearly jolted back, it seemed like an electric currant flowed from her body into his.

Unconsciously, Jay bent over, kissed the back of Cassidy's manicured hand, and inhaled her sweet scent of champagne and flowers. "Well aren't you the gentleman?" She asked with a small smile and Jay grinned lopsidedly that Cassidy found amazingly appealing.

"So Mr. Woods, what do you do for work?" "I used to write a lot of music, I don't really have a job at the moment, but I have a few different things that I do around the city" Cassidy grinned showing perfect white teeth. "I remember your work, you were really good. How come you don't write anymore?" Jay's smile faded a little. "I guess I just burned out, it happens to some people, I just never really thought it would happen to me" He explained when Cassidy raised an eyebrow.

"Well maybe you'll get that same spark back, I mean Mozart composed at age 13 and he never got burned out by it" Jay laughed softly. "You're so interested in my work I might just have to ask about yours so what do you do?" "I'm supposed to be an artist, a painter. But I've been distracted from work lately with love." She gave a sigh and looked down the hall where Ron had left. "A lot of good that has done me lately. I think I'll just get married, and then love and passion and desire are really no longer a big deal" It took her a second to realize the look that he was giving her and she batted her long inky black eyelashes that were void of any traces of make-up, they didn't need any.

Cassidy laughed and blushed embarrassedly and her cheeks flushed with a pretty pink glow "Man listen to me going on. You have an amazing face, if you would let me I would love to paint it" Jay looked down with her at quiet amazement; this couldn't have been the same woman who had been crying as if her heart would surely break no more then 10 minutes ago. "I think that I would use the Dublin blue for your eyes, you have great eyes"

"That would be great, I've never been there" Cassidy laughed softly and looked over her shoulder. "Listen um, I know it's late but do you want to go out and get coffee or something? I know this great little place around the corner" Jay hesitated for a minute and he guessed that she saw it. "Oh great," She murmured and laughed bitterly to herself. "I am so sorry, I just totally asked you out after you heard this huge blowout fight. I'm just gonna.I'm gonna go"

She reached behind her, pushed open her apartment door, and backed into it as if Jay were some sort of vicious predator. Cassidy offered a bright sunny smile but he saw through it in an instance but let her have her space, he made to a vow to himself though, that he would discover everything there was to know about Cassidy Finn.