Cassidy collapsed in peals of laughter at Jay's side, his long tan arm wrapped itself around her shoulders and drew her closer, almost pulling her into his lap. Her long laughs subsided into giggles as the suicidal taxi driver zipped in and out of traffic and she settled herself comfortably next to Jay on the squeaky vinyl seats. His hand was big and warm on her legs that were streaked with mud. For a sudden terrifying second, she admitted to herself that she never wanted anything more than this.

Her eyelids began to feel awfully heavy, and the cab was becoming almost too warm for the cold weather that was outside. Soon enough, she began to feel herself falling asleep next to Jay's strong solid body. For the first time in a long time, Cassidy dreamt in color. Not just the grays and blues she sometimes got a peek of, but bright jewel colors and dreamy pastels. Some colors were so bright they were almost too violent and intense to look at.

She dreamt about the lakes, the rivers, ponds and streams. All the glistening colors in them and the reflection of the trees is Autumn, the way they all turned golden red, like the whole world was on fire. Somewhere deep in the dream, she saw Ronald. His thick shocks of blonde hair that curled right above his forehead, his broad shoulders and almost cold dark eyes.

In her sleep, she stirred and moaned a little bit, she didn't want to dream about the man who had done something so nasty. Than as quickly as a ripple passing over water, Ronald turned into Jay. His smile was slowly making its way across his lips. His dark hair slightly falling over his eyes, they were such beautiful eyes. Then it was almost as if a dark cloud passed through the dream, something wasn't right. Jay's smile was firmly on his lips now, but in a quick moment, those same lips she came to know every inch of, seemed to be fused to the lips of a tiny blonde.

"Hey" Cassidy heard someone whisper in her dream and she jolted away to find Jay staring at her and softly stroking her hair. She smiled at him cautiously, the dream still fresh in her mind. "We're here sleepyhead" Jay murmured against her skin as he placed a kiss on her forehead. She climbed slowly out of the cab, her legs still stiff from sitting as long as they were, she started heading up the steep icy steps to the apartment while Jay was busy making conversation with the cab driver as he fished bills out of his wallet.

He caught up with her while she waited in the lobby, the blasting hot air made it stuffy and she could almost hear her skin crackling from the arid heat. As soon as he was by her side, Jay wrapped his arm around her shoulders again and they started heading towards the elevator. However, for some reason, Cassidy didn't feel comfortable next to Jay as she had when they were running from the poor police officer and hiding in the taxi together. She didn't want to be so close to him.

"Are you alright?" He asked, looking down at her with concern sketched into the eyes she loved so much.

"Yeah," Cassidy murmured as she began to shake off her jacket, while she was trying also to untwine Jay's arm from around her. "I guess I'm just tired. I think I might go lay down for a little bit you know? This kind of weather takes a lot out of me" Jay laughed and kissed her lips, although he didn't really notice that she didn't kiss him back.

"Alright there grandma, I forgot how old you were. Is it time for your nap and stories?" He laughed again, Cassidy didn't and just shrugged. "What do you want to do next? I took off this whole day just so I could spend time with your beautiful self" He leaned to, intent on taking another kiss, except this time, Cassidy took a step back.

"Really Jay, I am just tired, I will call you later okay?" She said, a lot colder than she expected her voice to sound. A thick cloud of disappointment passed through Jay's eyes, but he tired not to let it show in his voice when he spoke.

"Do you want me to walk you up to your apartment?" He asked, reaching out an arm for her hand.

"No," Cassidy said slowly as she turned and headed for the stairs while Jay moved towards the elevator. "I won't keep you from doing the stuff you want to do"

With that, she let the heavy barred door close behind her, leaving Jay standing in the lobby alone, wondering what he had done wrong for Cassidy to suddenly treat him like a poisonous insect.