I'm all alone
Away from your arms
But I still feel so strong

Your kiss and your touch
They look in your eyes
They tell me no lies

And when you look at me so tenderly
It leads me to believe
That your warmth and your smile
Your heart of a child
Are blessings
They heal me

You hold me close
But I'm still falling
Your eyes look into mine
And I'm floating
I can hardly believe this is happening to me
I've fallen in love, so deeply

Although this is young
Barely born
I know we won't be so easily torn

And although I'm scared
To let myself go
I've decided to just let it show

Words can't express just what I feel
I just know that this is for real
My heart overflowed
My mind doesn't know
How to comprehend this
You're loving me

(Repeat Chorus)

And I trust my heart in your hands
And hope that breaking it isn't in your plans
Though love comes and goes
I'll always know
You were here
That's all I need

(Repeat Chorus- Fade)