Notes and warnings: This is from the viewpoint of one of the ancestors to Aghanim and Aghamay in "Origins of the Kingdom", but reading that isn't absolutely neccesary. Suffice to say he's an emperor known alternately as the Usurper and the Insane. He wasn't quite right in the head.
Not that I can blame him, given that he was molested by his family from when he was six. And that's the warning, there.
If anyone's actually interested, I am writing a less confusing recounting of the events of this poem in proper story form. I should finish "The Good Brother" someday. Maybe. Engh.

The Usurper

I: Childhood; Change

I recall my father's touch
As a father's touch should not fall
I remember my brother's face
Changed also
From my father's touch

He remembers how it is to stand
In the candlelit dark
Of his father's room
And feel the emperor's love
How it should not be felt
And he tries to forget
And he pretends to be
Someone else
A nameless else
Who did not feel his father's touch

He sees in the mirror
A face as his brother's
Changed in ways
A face should not
Who is this?
Why does it look
At me?

I am not me
He is him
And not me
And I am him
And he is me
Yet I am not
And nor is he
I am he am me
And I have felt
My father's touch

II: Slavery; Confusion

I also recall my uncle's touch
Which was not love
Nor was it hate
But altogether the more terrifying
Of lust

And to my uncle, he was gifted
And he was a slave, and slave I did
For so the wicked uncle demanded
Once upon a time
But there was no release
No prince Charming

No prince Charming
I am not a woman
He is a man
Despite what uncle says
I am ever a man
But a man that shies from touch
And love
Who never felt his lover's kiss
And enjoyed it

What man is this?

A deserving slave
My uncle said
And I subdued
Aye, he subdued to his uncle's touch
And said he liked it
Pretended to love it
Because he was a slave
And uncle told him to

When father died, uncle returned him
To the comforting harbour
Of his brother's protection
And when uncle disappeared
Brother said,
Do not worry, little one
No one will know
No one will ask
I shall let no harm come to you

And he never understood
What brother meant
Where uncle went
And why the servants feared him

Let them hate me
As long as they fear me

But I never understood

III: Murder; Question

My nephew has felt his father's touch
And I have felt my brother's touch
But that is well
For I love my brother
And adore my brother
And that makes it well
Does it not?

For if love makes right
Why does brother force himself
Upon himself
And why does he not enjoy
His brother's careful ministrations
When love should make these things
Feel like things
That should be treasured
And why should I then
Dispose of them?

Why do I instead
Treasure this blade
Why do I instead
Treasure this blood

Forgive me, brother, for I have sinned
And know not to whom I should turn
He does not enjoy your love
And no blood can compensate
For this griveous wound

A brother that treasures
Blade over brother
Is not a brother worth keeping
And he would not be thrown away
For he loves his brother
Even as he plots
For brother's downfall

My nephew has felt
The touch of the blade
But never my touch
For I cannot touch
Without recoiling
Even my wife
Who yearns for my touch
I cannot bring myself
To love

My nephew is dead
And I run to brother
For I have sinned
Brother, he cries
Brother, he says
Holding the blade as a shield
I have tasted blood of my blood
And found it pleasing
And brother screams
And brother struggles
But finally I hold
Blood of my blood
And the throne

I did not kill my brother
For I am not the emperor
I am crowned
And I loved my brother

IV: Madness; Eulogy

He is the Power
But not content
He sits on the throne
Yet does not rule
He looks to his subjects
Yet does not see
He speaks his orders
But no words come forth

And thus, in my twilight hour
I see death enroaching
The wife I touched but once
The son to whom
I did not speak
I gave no joy
I did not react
I gave no love
The son to whom
I did no harm

And thus, in my twilight kingdom
I sit on my throne
Bathed in brother's blood
The brother who
I so did love
I hungered for
I so did need
I worshipped so
The brother who
I killed

He weeps bitterly, and thinks
Of himself
Not as himself
But as another
Should he think of himself
He has killed his brother
And he swears he did not
Mean to
Want to
Need to
Have to
Want to
Want to
I did not want to kill my brother

Brother's blood is sweet
But I did not
He did not
It did not taste it
For if it
I did
I have killed my brother
And would be sitting in
My brother's throne
My brother has no throne
My brother is dead
I killed my brother
I sit in his throne
Here, in my twilight kingdom
On this throne of inertia
I decay
For I did not kill my brother
And the throne is not mine

I am not me
He is him
And not me
And I am him
And he is me
Yet I am not
And nor is he
I am he am me

And to this day
I am long dead