No Longer Human
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Have you ever fallen in love
With someone who looked like a dove
And is actually some other thing?

That was what happened to John Serling,
Who drove to the hometown of his true love,
Morgan Bradley,who he'd dated ever since high
School,in order to find out the reason why
She's been unable to attend the reunion
Of the Class of '79 without a good reason.

But when he'd arrived at her house to ask why
She wasn't at the reunion,
He'd suddenly discovered the reason
Why she wasn't there,
For she'd suddenly became a vampire.

"I'm sorry,John.But I was on a mission.",
Said a devilish smiling Morgan,
Before she'd ran towards the frightened man
And started draining him of the purest red.
"A mission to gather the most tastiest red
For my master,the one who's no longer human."